CAD drawing of automated workstation. (a) Top view inside the Pelican without housing. (b) Front view of the Pelican with housing. Yellow (imaging station), light blue (liquid handling station), green (level of stainless steel work surface) and orange (waste containers). Perforated surface = work surface. (1) Storage incubator. (2) Liquid-handler. (3) Hotels (manual working bench). (4) Position of microscopy station. (5) Position of liquid dispenser. (6) Automated work bench. *based on KANE et al 2019.


29. January 2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd. is invited to present a poster about “METHODS FOR DERIVING HAIR FOLLICLE CONTAINING SHEETS IN VITRO”Abstract book  poster 177  at 2019 WCHR’ meeting in Barcelona/SPAIN.

28. February 2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd. instructed it’s legal counsel to perform a legal feasibility study if the Articles 167 and 168 of The Human Medicines Regulations 2012 act could be applied to INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd’ patented products in the UK. Consequently the timeframe for protocol development  for the use of the product called HAIROID™️ could be shortened. Nevertheless, the advisory board and management board states clearly that those procedures regulated - even they’ll be safe in use- will not replace a regular clinical study or a serial production of the technology- in the opinion of the company those exemptions are to be used for the purpose of “compassionate human experimentation” since it’s expected that this regulations will be tightened very soon. The company expresses clearly that - despite those exceptional procedures are in realistic reach for this calendar year- it’s aim is to start and conduct regular clinical trails.

16. March 2019

 Ltd. presented it’s poster “METHODS FOR DERIVING HAIR FOLLICLE CONTAINING SHEETS IN VITRO” at 2019 WCHR’ meeting in Barcelona/SPAIN, which was enthusiastically received by various participants.
*Attached is one original picture with the first ever observed spontaneous formed hairfollicle from our experiments in late 2017. 

26. APRIL 2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd. presented the above shown poster “METHODS FOR DERIVING HAIR FOLLICLE CONTAINING SHEETS IN VITRO” at 2019 WCHR’ meeting in Barcelona/SPAIN, which was enthusiastically commented by various participants.

03. MAY 2019

*Fig 2 | Cumulative incidence of type 2 diabetes in Clinical Practice Research Datalink cohort over study period: main cohort (adjusted), and adjusted for propensity score

INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd. is introducing a study named : „Incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in men receiving steroid 5α-reductase inhibitors [Dutasteride/Finasteride]: population based cohort study“.  By Li Wei, Edward Chia-Cheng Lai, Yea-Huei Kao-Yang,Brian R Walker, Thomas M MacDonald, Ruth Andrew - indicating a clear correlation between Dutasteride/Finasteride and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2!

11. May 2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 Ltd. introduces it's latest patent development concerning hypoimmunogenic Hairfollicles, hypimmunogenic Dermal Papillae Cells and hypoimmunogenic Melanocytes. This technology can be used for already engineered and cryopreserved cell- lines. With the development of  hypimmunogenic Dermal Papillae Cells and hypoimmunogenic Melanocytes we believe we can contribute massive to the advancement of STEMCELLTHERAPIES in regards to hair rejuvenation and hair repigmentation.

The newest [Invitrohair] invention provides a method for the generation of hypoimmunogenic hair follicles that can be used as an off-shelf universal donor source for allogenic transplantation, allogeneic rejuvenation and allogeneic repigmentation of hair. This is achieved by removing key MHCI/II genes together with enhanced expression of genes which increase the immunotolerance in allogenic iPSC, DPC and NHM. Following these genetic modifications, allogenic iPSC, DPC  and NHM are used to develop hypoimmunogenic hair follicles and related STEMCELLTHERAPIES as outlined.

13. August  2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 medical director is invited to present the new  HAIROID ™️  about “METHODS FOR DERIVING HAIR FOLLICLE CONTAINING SHEETS IN VITRO” at 2019 ISHRS’ meeting in Bangkok/THAILAND Abstract Submission Number: 0317_0471_000120.

28. August 2019

INVITROHAIR 털의 started printing  HAIROID ™️ hairfollicles  accordingly to the protocol of  “METHODS FOR DERIVING HAIR FOLLICLE CONTAINING SHEETS IN VITRO” at a biodegradable supportive mesh for scalability medical and biomaterial applications.

19. September 2019