This products are only offered after regulatory clearance in various jurisdictions 

Our main focus is to produce, autologous and allogeneic, hypoimmunogenic hair-follicles for hair-loss treatment in clinics and transplantation into the human scalp, whereas both cell lines from autologous and allogeneic sources will be (gene-) edited in order to prevent rejection of the transplant. Our approach is patent protected.

The respective - IPS Cell and Dermal Papillae Cell - merger sequences are described in FIG.1-4 (simplified) below:

FIG.  1- 4 above * are composed, for comparison reasons of desired morphologies, with pictures of Lee et. al 2018 “Hair Follicle Development in Mouse Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Skin Organoids” and pictures from HAIROID™️´own, improved, fully human HAIROID™️ prototypes.

FIG.  5 above: microscopic picture of an early HAIROID™️ prototype (methodical picture overview of our in-vitro  produced hair follicles, finalized 7. January 2018)

FIG. 6 above: illustrates immunological responses that activate and inhibit allogenic transplant rejection