Every human being is different, therefore we all have different susceptibilities to suffer from a particular disease and we all react differently to certain medications. All INVITROHAIR approaches are based on human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), consequently they are a priori personalized. While we usually make use of a library of available, well characterized human iPSCs, we are extending our activities to fully personalized approaches. Based on a small skin sample (an amount of 30 FUExcission obtained  hairfollicles) we can generate personalized hairfollicle organoids. These might be used for several potential applications:


Alopecia is often diagnosed at a rather late stage of the disease progression. We aim at further developing our hair  organoid technology to be able to predict disease susceptibility long before the first symptoms become observable.

Personalized - INVITRO- drug testing*

For any indication where more than one drug is available, pre-testing on our personalized INVITRO application (and on the planned personalized hair-on-the-chip devices) is conceivable, so that only the drug which showed maximal effect is then prioritize for the patient.

3D network personalized hair-on a- chip model*

The identification of robust phenotypes, which are recapitulating key cellular defects of specific conditions, are hampered by the lack of sufficiently representative in vitro models. We co-develop the cultivation of patient specific cells in 3D microfluidics (so called OOCdevice - organ on a chip). These systems allows for the identification of potential disease-related phenotypes in a more physiological manner.  

3D human  hair organoids*

The unique feature of our approach is that we use complex 3D human  organoids whereas we’re bioengineer the organ to a level that is not achievable by traditional in vitro cell culture. Hence, by using the individual's cells we are able to generate on-a-dish a model of the organs. This allows the identification/correction of potential defects and the pre-test of drugs when multiple choices are available.

For these services, we make use of our expertise in the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). All our approaches are therefore completely free of any kind of animal testing.

The iPSCs are used to generate human hair organoids for disease modelling, drug testing and transplantation.

Furthemore our bioengineered hair organoid requires the isolation of Dermal Papillae (DPSC) - HB- stem cells, their merge with IPSC and the cryogenic storage.

At the end of our service we deliver all original data as well as a report with the analysed results. We are aware of the importance of maximal quality of data analysis, integration (e.g. via tranSMART) visualization and security (Tier4 data storage centre). To ensure this state of the art service we closely work together with our own newly formed IT-company.

Conclusion of INVITROHAIR precision medicine approach*

INVITROHAIR developed a clear process for its precision medicine applications. The current pipeline is as follows:

1) Medical doctors with interested patients get in touch with INVITROHAIR .

2) At a certified physician  (e.g. hair restoration surgeon ) 30 hairfollicle samples from patients are taken.

3) Samples are transported to INVITROHAIR .

4) INVITROHAIR is  performing assays, is isolating DPSC and  is generating induced pluripotent stem cells from these samples.

5) Stem cells are characterized (quality checks), expanded and banked.

6) In consultation with the medical doctor the requested modeling approaches will be performed. This is always fully specific for the affected individual (see applications above).

7) INVITROHAIR drafts a report, including recommendations and provides this report to the medical doctor.

8) INVITROHAIR is able to provide some certain denovo hairfollicles which are either autologous / or human leukocyte antigen protein matching ( HLAs) - derived from patients own/ or donated samples- other stem cells - tissues ( where the protocols are described and developed ) for TRANSPLANTATION.*

 *This services are only offered to physicians after regulatory clearance, the subsequent described procedures, in the patients section of our webpage, are meant for informational purposes solely and do not construct any promise of treatment or therapy. After the obtention of regulatory approval from competent governmental authorities INVITROHAIR  will perform procedures under strict scientific and regulatory rigor and safety measures.