We produce as a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO)  for the brand FUROID™️ their patent protected animal hair fiber related cellbased materials for industrial applications like wool fibers and fur named FUROID ™️. Those hairfollicle containing tissues are engineered with inseparable anti counterfeit (synthetic DNA) properties to track provenance of the fibers. This enables us to obtain  developmental  data for the upscale and gene editing of desired traits (pigmentation, scale up technology and production/feasibility studies) in human applications without the usual restrictions of human clinical applications. FURTHERMORE IT ENABLES US TO PREVENT ANIMAL TESTING IN OUR PROCESSES! The synergies are massive. FUROID™️ is the highest funded (seed round) Cellular Agriculture company up to date, with an estimated evaluation of >100.000.000 $ in the first year of it‘s foundation!  For further information check their respective webpage https://furoid.eu .

FIG. 1 illustrates a proposed bioengineered pelt/wool in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention.

Our second product which we offer as a CMO are fully customizable hypoimmunogenic Dermal Papillae (DP) cell lines and Melanocyte cell lines  as well the industrial engineering of already existing cell lines with hypoimmunogenic properties. This technology will be offered to all market participants for their own therapeutic strategies and applications as a technology license  or as complete pre-engineered DP/ Melanocyte cell lines.

FIG. 2 illustrates immunological responses that activate and inhibit allogenic transplant rejection.