Figure 1: Docking model of JAK kinease inhibitor. (cc. HAIROID ™️ CIS 2 “ Hairgrowth activators”).

Area: Modern Drug Design & Development including medicinal, combinatorial and biological chemistry as well as in silico modeling and agrochemistry.

Achievements of the CI Team

 As a result, more than 200 scientific papers (full-paper articles, letters and comprehensive reviews) have been published in various authoritative and high IF scientific journals. In addition, a number of government-sponsored/supported projects (RSF, RFBR, MESR, RMIT, etc.) have been successfully carried out, maintained and supervised.

Several small molecule drugs have been developed and are currently evaluated in clinics.

Among them are: neuraminidase inhibitors (AV5080, AV5027 and AV5075S, Phase І), NS5A inhibitor (AV4025, Phase ІІ), androgen receptor antagonist (ONC1-13B, Phase І), 5HT6R serotonine antagonists (AVN-211 and AVN-322, Phase І/ІІ), AVR-560 (against HCV, Phase І); new anticancer drugs and selective ASPGP-R and PSMA-R drug conjugates (targeted drug delivery) are currently undergoing preclinical studies.

The project leader is the author of several specific software in the field of chemoinformatics and in silicomodeling, as well as commercial focused libraries for HTS.

The prime focus is on professional scientific research in the field of medicinal chemistry and in silico drug design, literacy and article writing (FROM the original idea/materials - to manuscript writing, preparation, editing/correction/revision and the resulting publication);

- Research in the field of modern DD&D as well as chemo- and bioinformatics including medicinal, biological, computational and combinatorial chemistry, biological and virtual screening as well as agrochemistry and preclinical evaluation. The list includes the following specific areas: in silico Drug Design, H2L and L2D optimization, targeted (focused) and random library design, advanced data mining, ADME/Tox assessment (pharmacokinetic profiling), QSAR modeling (3D-molecular docking, 3D- and topological pharmacophore modeling/searching, bioisostericmorphing, similarity, etc.) and close areas. In silico, the main focus is on Kohonen and Sammon Self-organizing mapping, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Stochastic Proximity Embedding (SPE) as well as classical artificial neural networks (ANN) and related algorithms, etc.;

- Business partnership and collaboration with global leading pharmaceutical companies – Big Pharma – e.g. Novartis, Merck, Bayer, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, GSK, AstraZeneca, Abbott, Eli Lilly, etc.; as well as numerous Russian academic institutions and companies, including MSU (mainly chemical dept., and biological dept.), IBG RAS, IBC RAS, MTU, MISIS, Dmitry Mendeleev UCT, MIPT, St. Petersburg University, SCHELKOVO AGROCHIM, agrosintez, etc. Scientific consulting, expert opinion and development (CRO) in numerous R&D government projects ranged among bioinformatics, medicinal and biological chemistry and pharmacology as well as computational modeling as well as software development;

The core developer/architect is the inventor of several computational algorithms and software in the field of advanced data mining, bioinformatics and nonlinear analysis, particularly for Medicinal Chemistry and Agrochemical applications, these include:

1. SmartMining (ChemDiv. Inc.,, DD&D, in silico modeling;

2. ARC-Soft (exclusive agrochemical software developed for "Shelkovo-agrochim",;

3. InformaGenesis (the `master` software product, InformaGenesis,;

4. Focused Library Manager (CDL), (ChemDiv. Inc.,

5. Nano-Predict. Prediction of toxicity of different-types nanotubes

6. Neural-based Intelligent Scientific Translator (NIST) – automatic scientific translator (the official registration number in ROSPATENT / programs for computers / №2011617859 / 07.10.2011)

7. Chemoinformatic software PC_Searcher – for specific medicinal chemistry purpose.

Publications of team members:


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