FIG. 1:Our ORGANOID with visible dermal papila, hair matrix, outer and inner root sheath and hair shaft [hematoxylin eosin staining].

Our main focus is to produce, autologous and allogeneic, hypoimmunogenic GENE EDITED hair-follicles for hair-loss treatment in clinics and transplantation into the human scalp.

With the IP filed high-tech 3D stem cell merger technology we, perform  our own development-equivalent to pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies - in the drug discovery and preclinical testing phase, to increase their efficiency and the success rate of compounds that pass the clinical trials, i.e. enhanced relevance. 

Here we focus on ALOPECIA diseases, the performance  of higly sophisticated tissue engineering and Insilico computerial screening technologies .

Prior to the transplantation of bioengineered Hairfollicles we will provide to patients cell viability/proliferation assays, DERMAL PAPILLAE isolation, HAIR BULGE STEM CELL isolation, IPSC reprogramming, tissue engineering and cryogenic storage.

For developers of STEMCELL THERAPIES we will provide our IP protected  hypoimmunogenic Dermal Papillae cells-  in order to contribute to the development of STEMCELL THERAPIES FOR ALOPECIA. THOSE METHODS CAN BE APPLIED TO ALREADY PRODUCED CELL LINES. 

The approach requires intensive identification of pathogenic conditions and the precise identification of specific phenotypes.

FIG. 2: migration from the attached DP 

FIG. 3: Organoid merged. 92 days old

FIG. 4: de novo human hairfollicle prototype fixed in 4% PFA. Based on our US- PCT

FIG. 5: Printing test for  upscale production test on biodegradable supportive grid